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44444444444   January 1, 2002   09/09/19 17:06 PM
nice   January 1, 2002   04/09/10 10:52 AM
Young Man Hit Head-On!   December 3, 2002   01/12/05 13:43 PM
test this   December 4, 2002   12/04/02 15:17 PM
hacked by oxwz1   January 1, 2003   11/12/17 05:01 AM
gigantic ball lands in texas   January 6, 2003   11/05/04 10:40 AM
This just in!!   May 14, 2003   05/14/03 14:01 PM

You can select the time and date anything shows up on your web site. Banner ads, graphics, news, birthday wishes; you name it, it can be on a timer.

What does this mean to you? Saving time, saving resources and, ultimately, saving money. You can prepare work long ahead of time and get it up on your website where it will wait and go 'live' at the time YOU specify.

For the purposes of demonstration, you can only select the time your text will appear on the website. Rest assured, it is possible to set it so you can enter items days or even weeks ahead of time.

You will see the current server time listed above. Select a time earlier than that to see your article go live immediately, or set a later time and wait for the results.

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