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01/01/02     44444444444
01/01/02     nice
12/03/02     Young Man Hit Head-On!
12/04/02     test this
01/01/03     hacked by oxwz1
01/06/03     gigantic ball lands in texas
05/14/03     This just in!!

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Want to get your work done ahead of time? Need to get some routine tasks out of the way to clear time for something important? Just going on vacation? Read on...

It's Friday afternoon and you're headed out for a weeks vacation... Then you realize that you have a news article that is supposed to go up on your web site on Tuesday at noon. No problem, you have a News Admin!

You can post an article and select the time and date it will post on your website. You can also set a time and date for it to be removed, allowing easy posting of specials and other time sensitive items.

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