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Please take a look at some of the sites I have programmed. All of them have admins to go with 90% of their content. Some of the sites listed were completed for former employers, or on a contract basis, therefore I am no longer responsible for the programming. You may find errors on the websites that I no longer have access to.
Perly Meadows
Website for an Organic farm in the southern tier of New York state. Includes a full admin for the members.
Doherty Realty
Has a compete administrative area so that properties can be added and removed from the website at any time.
Jolie Montre
Product site for fast growing, sucessful watch company.
Future Works Institute
Full database driven site.
Animal Advocates
Site for a non-profit rescue
Montana Mills
One of a team of two to completely program the website.
Renegades Rugby
The calendar is divided between team only events and public events. The members area contains a discussion area, individual game updates, practice availibility and email - among other features. The admin area is also user specific, so that the president of the club can do different things than the members. This allows much greater functionality. I did both the design and the programming.
Internet portfolio site for professional costume designer.
Martino Flynn
Sole developer for site launch. Has numerous random features to keep visual interest.
Daisy Flour Mill
Using the admins, the client can update the specials and the enire menu whenever they need to.
Law Man Lab was created with a few specific things in mind: customers must be able to reach an order form for any product with two clicks, navigation must be very clear and concise, and the pages had to be clear and uncluttered. This site is aimed towards government and law enforcement, people who don’t have time to get lost in a website for hours trying to find one product. I was one of a two person team that put the site together.

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